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Breaking new ground in AI and high-performance computing, meet the remarkable NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU.

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The NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU, based on the Hopper GPU architecture, is designed to handle increasingly complex artificial intelligence (AI), high-performance computing (HPC), and data analytics workloads. It delivers unmatched performance, supports diverse workloads, and is the world's most advanced chip ever built with 80 billion transistors and countless architectural enhancements. The NVIDIA Hopper architecture enable industry-leading conversational AI, speeding up large language models by 30 times faster than the previous generations.

H100 is the first GPU to support PCIe Gen5, providing 128Gb/s (bi-directional)
H100 is the world's first GPU with HBM3 memory, providing 3TB/sec of memory bandwidth
An 8GPU H100 system provides up to 32 petaFLOPS of FP8 deep learning compute performance
Connect with up to 256 other H100s using the NVLink Switch System

High-density computing power

8.700W HGX 1-1100 in 6U
2`350W Intel SPR / 2*400W AMD Genoa
Up to 16PFlops FP16 or 480 TFlops FP64

Ultra-flexible networking

12*PCIe slots for high scalability
GPU : Compute Network : Storage Network = 8:8:2
OCP 3.0, DPU, multiple SmartNICs support

Modular Design

Fully modular design of GPU, CPU, I/O, cooling, storage, and power supply
AI full-scenario adaption & performance optimization
Support flexible operation and maintenance & modification and expansion, maximize ROI

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Additional information about the NVIDIA H100


Get ready to experience unprecedented performance, scalability, and security with the NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU. This powerhouse GPU is designed to accelerate all workloads securely, from enterprise to exascale, using its cutting-edge features and technologies.

With its NVIDIA NVLink Switch Svstem, up to 256 H H100 GPUs can be connected, delivering exascale- Hlevel perfor mance to users. The ransformer Engine, equipped with FP8 precision, supports t trillion- parameter language models, whilet breakthrough innovations in the NVIDIA Hopper architecture enable industry-leading conversational Al, speeding up large language models by 30X over the p previous generation.

The NVIDIA HI00 Tensor Core GPU features fourth-generation Tensor Cores, enabling up to 9X faster training and an incredible 30X inference speedup on large language models. It also triples the floating-point operations per second (FLOPS) of FP64 and adds dynamic programming (DPX) instructions for HPC applications, delivering up to 7X higher performance.

Built-in NVIDIA confidential computing and second-generation Multi-Instance GPU (MIG) provide added security, making the H100 the world's first accelerator with confidential computing capabilities. MIG supports multi-tenant, multi-user configurations in virtualized environments, securely partitioning the GPU into isolated instances for maximum quality of service (QoS).

The H100 is part of the complete NVIDIA data center solution, which includes building blocks across hardware, networking, software, libraries, and optimized models and applications from the NVIDIA NGC catalog. It represents the most powerful end-to-end Al and HPC platform for data centers, allowing AlL researchers to deliver real-world results and deploy solutions into production at scale.

The H100 is the world's most advanced chip, built with 80 billion transistors using a custom TSMC 4N process designed for NVIDIA's accelerated compute needs. The Transformer Engine, NVLink Switch System, DPX instructions, and Hopper Tensor Cores all contribute to the H100's exceptional performance making it the ideal GPU for data center-scale computing.

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