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The NVIDIA H200 Tensor Core GPU is the latest breakthrough in generative AI and high-performance computing (HPC), delivering unparalleled memory capacity and speed. It features HBM3e memory with 4.8TB/s bandwidth—43% more than the H100—and a capacity of 141GB, nearly double the H100's 80GB. This makes it ideal for advanced AI and large language models (LLMs) while enhancing scientific computing for HPC workloads.

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LLMs and Generative AI

The H200 is built to manage large-scale language models, enabling fast training and deployment of generative AI applications like text generation and image synthesis. Its high memory capacity easily handles the extensive data used by LLMs, supporting complex model architectures and advanced natural language processing.

Deep Learning

This GPU is well-suited for various deep learning tasks, such as training models for image classification and object detection in computer vision, developing speech-to-text systems and voice assistants, and creating NLP models for chatbots and text analysis.

High-Performance Computing

The Nvidia H200 is ideal for running intensive simulations while also allowing fast data analysis in industries like finance. Its speed and efficiency in handling complex computations make it a key asset for high-performance computing, accelerating project timelines and improving accuracy in scientific research and engineering.

Technical Specifications

GPU Memory
  • capacity of 141GB, making it the first GPU with HBM3e memory technology
GPU Memory Bandwidth
  • bandwidth of 4.8TB/s
  • up to 700W (configurable)
  • NVLink: 900GB/s PCIe Gen 5 128GB/s
Server Options

Why Dataknox

With Dataknox and the NVIDIA H200 GPU, transitioning from a single server setup to a full cluster is seamless. Our solutions are engineered to evolve alongside your needs, guaranteeing that your infrastructure remains agile as your computational demands increase.

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