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What is Third Party Maintenance

How does it help your data center’s bottom line?

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Your Network Needs a Support Solution

You’ve established a reliable and secure network, and our network support and maintenance solution will give you peace of mind.

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If You Ever Need Anything, We’re Here for Support:

  • You can count on a quick service call from a real person without getting routed.
  • For challenging problems, we’ll put you directly in touch with our top tier support.
  • Working directly with a dedicated engineer who knows your network and restoring functionality is the top priority.
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How We Service Hardware

OEM Maintenance vs. Third-Party Maintenance – Which is the best solution for my data center?


Review how each data center support option impacts the needs and performance of your data center as a whole.


Assess the support needs of your server, storage and network equipment, then factor in downtime costs, service quality and business objectives.


Talk to both your OEM and third-party maintenance representatives to gather additional customer service details and quotes before deciding on your next maintenance solution.

We Buy Used Servers and Blades

We stand ready to resell your retired equipment, leveraging our strong reputation and robust network in the secondary market.

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