About Dataknox

At Dataknox Solutions, we provide top-tier IT solutions, offering an array of both new and refurbished premium hardware, state-of-the-art software, and comprehensive managed services. Our expertise is in crafting personalized infrastructure consultations, cloud solutions, virtualization strategies, data recovery plans, and security services.

Moreover, addressing the rapidly evolving AI sector, we supply specialized hardware for rent or purchase, supported by professional OEM and third-party maintenance, ensuring our clients' diverse needs are seamlessly met.

A diverse, global team

Meet our team at Dataknox Solutions, each member integral to delivering our exceptional IT solutions and services. United by a commitment to excellence, our team blends expertise across hardware, software, cloud solutions, and beyond, ensuring unparalleled service and support for every client. With a focus on innovation and tailored solutions, we are dedicated to helping your business thrive in the dynamic world of technology.

Ankush Dham


Riley Bloomer

Director, Business Solutions

Kim Bearden

Director of Operations

Pardeep Singh

Director of Remarketing

Shayan Lamei

Director of Marketing

Derek Cain

Director of Client Success

Our Mission

At Dataknox Solutions, our mission is clear and unwavering: to tirelessly support IT professionals in making their jobs more manageable and efficient. We are committed to providing expert advice tailored to both technical and budgetary needs, ensuring peace of mind for our clients in their infrastructure and cloud investments. Our focus is on delivering an unparalleled customer experience from the initial engagement through to project completion.

Company Values

  • Customer Experience: At the forefront of our values is the commitment to an exceptional customer experience, ensuring that every interaction with Dataknox Solutions is both rewarding and fulfilling.
  • Proprietary Process: We pride ourselves on our proprietary processes that guarantee efficiency and excellence in every service we offer.
  • Technical Support: Our team of experts provides comprehensive technical support, standing by to address any challenge promptly and effectively.
  • Company Diversity: We embrace diversity within our company, believing that a varied team brings innovative solutions and perspectives.
  • Persistent Improvement: Dataknox Solutions is dedicated to continuous improvement, constantly evolving our services and solutions to meet the ever-changing demands of the technology landscape.

Evidenced Based Stats

55,000 Assets

Processed each month

3,000 devices

Redeployed each month

99.7% on time


31 Locations

Around the world

2,000,000 Pounds

of E-waste diverted from landfill

10,000 HDD

Shredded each month

Gaby Hayon, executive vice president of R&D at Mobileye


As a world leader in automotive and driving assistance systems, training cutting-edge deep learning models for tasks such as object detection and segmentation that enable vehicles to sense and understand their surroundings is mission-critical to Mobileye business and vision.

Chetan Paul, vice president for Technology Innovation, Government Health and Safety Solutions at Leidos


"The rapid-pace R&D required to tame COVID demonstrates an urgent need our medical and health sciences customers have for fast, efficient deep learning training of medical imaging datasets. We expect Gaudi2, building on the speed and cost-efficiency of first-gen Gaudi, to provide customers with dramatically accelerated model training."