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Intel Gaudi 3: Next-Generation AI Accelerator

With 64 Tensor cores and 128GB HBM2e memory, it supports complex AI tasks with enhanced connectivity options. Ideal for enterprise-scale AI projects, Gaudi 3 offers scalable architecture and thermal flexibility

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Technical Specifications

GPU Memory
  • It has 128GB of HBM2e memory
  • The air-cooled version has a 900W TDP
  • Gaudi 3 offers 24 100Gb Ethernet links per chip, doubling the bandwidth of Gaudi 2 to 200Gb/s
form factor
  • uses the OAM 2.0 form factor

Features of the Intel Gaudi 3

Intel's Gaudi 3 is designed to meet the demands of large-scale deep learning and generative AI workloads. Here's a detailed breakdown of its key features:

Architecture and Performance

Gaudi 3 has a unique architecture, featuring two 5nm TSMC dies with 64 Tensor cores, each with 128GB HBM2e memory. This configuration provides the processing power required for complex AI tasks, resulting in significant performance gains. Compared to its predecessor, Gaudi 3 delivers up to 50% better inference and 40% better overall performance​

Connectivity and I/O

The Intel Gaud 3 offers robust connectivity options, with 24 100Gb Ethernet links per chip, doubling the bandwidth of Gaudi 2. This provides a total external Ethernet I/O bandwidth of 8.4TB/second, allowing for efficient data transfer. Additionally, it supports PCIe Gen 5 x16 links, enabling high-speed connections to host CPUs


Gaudi 3's architecture and connectivity options make it scalable, suitable for large-scale AI projects and enterprise-grade applications. Its Ethernet-based approach allows for flexible chip-to-chip and node-to-node connectivity, facilitating the deployment of large AI models​



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