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What are Cloud Managed Services?

Cloud Managed Services provide skilled resources that support departments and business technology infrastructure through a convenient 3rd party platform.

We handle the time-consuming administrative work involved in managing your technology so that you can focus on growing your business.

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The Cloud Managed Services market is witnessing accelerated growth in recent years due to the advancements in cloud computing, big data, and mobility services. It is estimated to become a $120 billion market by the year 2020.

Cloud Managed Services help lower in-house IT costs, optimize IT systems and automate IT processes, leaving more time for businesses to work towards their strategic goals. Enabling organizations to augment competences that they lack or to replace functions or processes that incur huge recurring costs, cloud managed services provide them the flexibility and freedom they need to pursue value-adding activities.

We Deliver

We are honored to support the most innovative and demanding organizations, from dynamic Startups to the Fortune 100.

How We Do This

Our available cloud services include:

We Buy Used Servers and Blades

We stand ready to resell your retired equipment, leveraging our strong reputation and robust network in the secondary market.

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