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Our Asset Management Portal gives you the transparency you need to manage your jobs, assets and documents through high level dashboards with drill downs, detailed data tables and easy to use reporting tools.

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Chain Of Custody




The assets tab offers a full summary view of your locations and the total number of your assets. Utilize helpful filter tabs to drill down on the data based on your needs or simply search your full Inventory of assets with any keyword. Have what you need? Easily export your data in cvs, txt or jsn

View and filter asset details including:
  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Serial
  • Asset Tag
  • CPU
  • Memory Capacity
  • Drive Capacity


View and manage all of your jobs in one place with relevant information for each. With one click, you can even request new jobs directly in the portal with instant notifications.

Conveniently view job details including:
  • Scheduled Date
  • Status
  • Location
  • Description
  • Date Created
  • Photos


Projects won’t fall behind using the asset management portal. Maintain full transparency with overviews of each chain of custody process along with detailed activity. Track each partner handoff point as well as time since the last actionable items.


Stay on top of your credit amounts with the financial summary report. This reporting gives you comprehensive overviews including total value for each location, and the value for each specific asset.


House all of your important documents in one place with the My Documents tab in your portal. Search all of your documents by keyword or filter by specific fields to find what you need. Documents are cleanly categorized by type of document and contain vital document details such as:

  • Effective Date
  • Name
  • Actual File
  • Type (MSA, Certificates, Invoices,Work Orders, etc)
  • Description