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If you need help cleaning out old equipment or your entire data center, our team of experts will help you decommission securely, on or off site.


Data Center Liquidation

Dataknox also offers complete data center liquidation services. We have a large network that helps remarket and maximize the value return on your IT equipment.


Secure Data Destruction

Getting rid of your IT is not as simple as putting it by the curb on trash day. Trust Dataknox to take care of your data destruction securely and completely.


Infrastructure Reuse

Used data center equipment can be refurbished and prepared for reuse. Our clients benefit from programs that help maximize the use and resale of equipment that align with corporate goals.


Recycle the Cloud

We adhere to environmentally responsible practices (R2/rios/e-Stewards) and a Zero Landfill Policy. We offer chain of custody reporting and detailed inventory including the make, model, serial number and asset tag to ensure traceability. Sustainability drives everything we do.


How We Do It

Technical and experienced staff with a global footprint and dedicated project management teams allow us to service our clients effectively and efficiently with minimal disruption to the business.

We Deliver

We are honored to support the most innovative and demanding organizations, from dynamic Startups to the Fortune 100.

How We Help Solve Problems

At Dataknox, we use tried and tested processes to cut down business disruption.

We ensure that your data is destroyed as per your specific needs, or recycled, or disposed of in an eco-friendly way with accurately audited inventory, which helps you reduce your storage and logistics costs.


Complete decommissioning, data destruction, asset resale and recycling, all from a single vendor. We handle it all, giving you:

  • The convenience of working with a single vendor
  • Confidence that data is destroyed and inventory is accurately counted
  • Advanced refurbishment capabilities which helps increase asset and component reuse, and decrease the need for recycling
  • Access to our expert remarketing team and their proven resell program
  • Top dollar in resale in the secondary market
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We Buy Used Servers and Blades

We stand ready to resell your retired equipment, leveraging our strong reputation and robust network in the secondary market.

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