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99.99% Design Availability From Day 1 Is Just What Your Data Center Needs

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Due to the continuous expansion of data center construction, enterprises are currently struggling to meet storage needs. The data center industry is making serious efforts to shorten the design-build cycle to six to nine months, resulting in some data center owners choosing to do little to no commissioning.

This is why hiring a commissioning agency for your project is vital - and not just any.

In general, a new construction project is a tedious and strenuous process. From obtaining necessary materials and working on the design to gathering data, managing contractors, and performing tests, there is no shortage of boxes that need to be checked.

If the company awarded the contract is not present at every touchpoint and is not in constant contact with the project team, it is doubtful that they can adequately represent the owner’s stake in all of this.

Here at Dataknox, we are ready to provide you with all the information you need to make a sound decision because at the end of the day - you not only want but need to know what’s going on.

Prevent commissioning blunders and mishaps

For a moment, let’s talk about the most common installation and construction problems that have the potential to ruin any project.

Due to its nature, a data center is a sophisticated piece of structure. Its construction and implementation is a huge effort that requires a high level of technical knowledge to meet design standards and other requirements.

So, if there are small problems that go unaddressed for long periods and eventually require costly repairs, you can bet that the end result will be significant budget overruns. When hiring commissioning engineers who, for instance, do not have electrical and mechanical design experience, the execution of test scripts, retesting, and project closeout are postponed.

Here are some of the most frequent problems that occur:

  • The entire system is at risk for contamination if clean zones are not maintained and strategic planning and operational sequencing are not followed when integrating workstations, storage, and network connections into the facility.
  • Maintenance staff with minimal or no expertise in data center systems and components, as well as maintenance teams that lack procedural skills after testing the integrated system at the turnover interface, can contribute to a lack of confidence in your overall start and future viability.
  • Particulate air can damage equipment if pre-commissioning and design checks are not followed, resulting in delays, failures, and costly repairs.

Hence, the success of every construction project depends on paying close attention to every little thing.

This is when data center commissioning steps into the spotlight.

The commissioning partner's main job is to look after your interests and make sure your project is free of potential problems - right from the get-go.

They carefully consider your specifications, uncover potential weaknesses, develop and simplify inspection plans and processes, and make certain that every piece of equipment is prepared for use in a commercial environment.

Energy efficient, secure, and reliable data center operations

While it's important to follow basic ASHRAE commissioning principles, commissioning a data center is more complicated than just following a single equation to the letter. 

Technical expertise is important to ensure the functionality of your data center. If the devices are properly integrated and installed, they will work as soon as the switch is flipped.

But that’s not all. We fully understand that every project is unique, which is why we put special focus on communication and explaining in great detail what’s needed for success.

For starters, following industry standards, companies should spend between 0.8% to 2.0% of their total project budget on commissioning to reap its benefits.

A data center is thoroughly tested during the commissioning phase to make sure that the design, equipment functionality, and system redundancy meet the owner’s requirements and expectations.

The entire process starts with the design phase, which looks for the right level of redundancy to eliminate single points of failure and see to it that all performance measures integrated into the system work as planned.

In a nutshell, commissioning warrants full systems integration and that all mission-critical hardware and software have been installed correctly. If so, you will reduce unscheduled downtimes and repairs in the future.

Meet the demanding requirements of data center commissioning with Dataknox

We can help you get your data center systems up and running by sharing our experiences and thoughts with you. Thanks to our extensive industry knowledge, we can show you how to improve your business operations.

Here are just some of the things we bring to the table:

  • Clearly defined workflows, test scripts, internal checklists, and effective project management to meet your project requirements.
  • Identifying small problems early and fixing them before they become major issues - an essential aspect for new building commissioning to stay on budget.
  • Increased efficiency, safety, and availability throughout the data center's existence.
  • We secure your environment and help you protect your future tech investments.

When you choose a top-notch commissioning agency, you can count on sound sleeping for decades. That is what Dataknox will be for you - the protector of your construction project.

Learn more about the extensive processes we go through for every project.