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Dataknox buys and sells used Brocade and Foundry equipment

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We’ll take off your hands all of your used Brocade or Foundry equipment

We’ve seen this before: your excess Foundry or Brocade equipment no longer meets the needs of your business, whether it's due to the entire network upgrade, partnership with another company, business expansion…

Whatever the case, storage makes it necessary to spend money on additional resources, so your accumulated assets end up costing you more than you expected.

To sort this out, you've come to the right place.

Dataknox will buy your used equipment for one of the highest returns in the industry. We're here to solve all your surplus storage and management issues and boost your ROI with unparalleled pricing on your obsolete equipment.

To help better understand all the benefits of selling your surplus equipment, here is what you’ll be getting:

  • Cost reduction in managing idle assets
  • Additional revenue for the company
  • Easier maintenance of idle assets
  • Expand and organize available company space for better usage
  • Maximize overall operational safety

Sell ​​your excess Foundry and/or Brocade equipment for maximum return on investment

As a leading provider of computer liquidation services, Dataknox guarantees an efficient, fast, and easy recovery of your surplus Foundry and Brocade equipment. Our experienced and expert computer equipment liquidation specialists will organize the entire process according to your needs.

Dataknox constantly monitors the market situation, which is why we can deliver fair and consistent payouts for your surplus. All Brocade and/or Foundry devices are of interest to us, including BigIron, NetIron, ServerIron, and FastIron classes:

  • Foundry Networks Switches
  • Brocade Switches
  • Cables and other accessories 

You can request a free quote for your used Brocade and/or Foundry equipment today. Contact Dataknox by phone at 1-833-DATA-DOA or through our online quote request form to have one of our experts contact you with a free quote. We are here to solve your surplus equipment problems!