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Dataknox buys used Dell servers

Resell Hardware

Have a Dell server but you're not using it? Sell it to Dataknox - we buy used Dell servers in bulk and we'll give you the best price. Think of it as a 3-for-1 special: reduce storage expenses, minimize greenhouse gas emissions, and get the most value for your initial investment!

If you're looking for a new server and don’t know what to do with your used Dell servers, contact Dataknox - we'll even come to you to pick them up! 

Bulk purchase of used Dell servers

We are always looking to buy excess used Dell servers in bulk at a fair market value. Here are the models we purchase:

  • Dell PowerVault MD3000
  • Dell PowerVault MD3000i
  • Dell PowerVault MD3060e
  • Dell PowerVault MD3200
  • Dell PowerVault MD3200i
  • Dell PowerVault MD3220
  • Dell PowerVault MD3220i
  • Dell PowerVault MD3260
  • Dell PowerVault MD3260i
  • Dell PowerVault MD3400
  • Dell PowerVault MD3420
  • Dell PowerVault MD3460
  • Dell PowerVault MD3600f
  • Dell PowerVault MD3600i
  • Dell PowerVault MD3620f
  • Dell PowerVault MD3620i
  • Dell PowerVault MD3660f
  • Dell PowerVault MD3660i
  • Dell PowerVault MD3800f
  • Dell PowerVault MD3800i
  • Dell PowerVault MD3820f
  • Dell PowerVault MD3820i
  • Dell PowerVault MD3860f
  • Dell PowerVault MD3860i

Don’t see your particular asset listed? Let us know - send us details such as the make and model of the Dell server you’re selling, along with a short description regarding its condition, and we’ll get back to you quickly.

It’s not only Dell we’re interested in, though - we buy in volume almost any brand of used IT hardware, whether it’s servers, switches, storage, and so on. Please check out our IT Asset Buyback page for more details on what we offer and the equipment that interests us.

Receive a free quote for your used Dell servers

We provide smooth, fast, and transparent liquidations services at honest market prices. You can contact Datanox via phone at 1-833-DATA-DOA, email, or through our online quote request form. If you wish to speed up the process and get the most accurate information, do not hesitate to send us a spreadsheet of the used Dell equipment you need to liquidate - we’ll be more than happy to take a look.