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Dataknox buys used EMC storage and sells used NAS & SAN

Resell Hardware

Here at Dataknox, we will tap into our extensive network of third-party buyers and sell them your first-rate used EMC storage, including used Clariion, DataDomain, VNX, and other used NAS and SAN equipment. Our long industry presence and experience in liquidation make it possible for us to buy your entire inventory fast and efficiently, offering you honest market prices.

Dataknox buys select used EMC storage models

If you have select used EMC storage models, we’re interested in getting them off your hand. In case these secondhand assets have remaining worth, we will purchase them for the highest sum. Do note that we can also handle severely outdated, damaged, or just simply worthless equipment on the secondary market by arranging for expert e-waste recycling and disposal. This way, your business remains compliant with EPA regulations for e-waste disposal.

Here is the list of used EMC storage models we are purchasing:


  • CX300
  • CX300DC
  • CX300i
  • CX400
  • CX500
  • CX500DC
  • CX500i
  • CX600
  • CX700
  • CX700DC


  • CX3-10C
  • CX3-10DC
  • CX3-20
  • CX3-20C
  • CX3-20F
  • CX3-20FDC
  • CX3-40
  • CX3-40C
  • CX3-40F
  • CX3-40FDC
  • CX3-80


  • CX4-120C
  • CX4-120C8
  • CX4-120C8DC
  • CX4-120C8X
  • CX4-120C8XDC
  • CX4-120CDC
  • CX4-240C
  • CX4-240C8
  • CX4-240C8DC
  • CX4-240C8X
  • CX4-240C8XDC
  • CX4-240CDC
  • CX4-240C-ISW
  • CX4-480C
  • CX4-480C8
  • CX4-480C8DC
  • CX4-480C8X
  • CX4-480C8XDC
  • CX4-480CDC
  • CX4-960C
  • CX4-960C8
  • CX4-960C8
  • CX4-960C8X
  • CX4-960C8X
  • CX4-960C-ISW
  • CX4D-480C
  • CX4D-480C8
  • CX4D-480C8X
  • CX4D-960C
  • CX4D-960C8
  • CX4D-960C8X

Data Domain

  • DD120
  • DD140
  • DD160
  • DD200
  • DD410
  • DD430
  • DD460
  • DD510
  • DD530
  • DD560
  • DD565
  • DD580
  • DD610
  • DD620
  • DD630
  • DD6300
  • DD640
  • DD660
  • DD670
  • DD690
  • DD860
  • DD880
  • DD890
  • DD990
  • DD2500
  • ES20-16TB SATA
  • ES20-32TB SATA
  • ES20-8TB SATA
  • ES30-15 SATA
  • ES30-30 SAS
  • ES30-30 SATA
  • ES30-45 SAS
  • ES30-45 SATA
  • ES30-60 SAS


  • VNX1 VG2 (with VNX OE 7.x)
  • VNX1 VG8 (with VNX OE 7.x)
  • VNX1 VNX5100 (Block only)
  • VNX1 VNX5150 (Block only)
  • VNX1 VNX5300 (Block)
  • VNX1 VNX5300 (File & Unified)
  • VNX1 VNX5500 (Block, File, & Unified)
  • VNX1 VNX5700 (Block, File, & Unified)
  • VNX1 VNX7500 (Block, File, & Unified)
  • VNX2 VNX5200
  • VNX2 VNX5400
  • VNX2 VNX5600
  • VNX2 VNX5800
  • VNX2 VNX7600
  • VNXe1 VNXe3100
  • VNXe1 VNXe3150
  • VNXe1 VNXe3300
  • VNXe1600 
  • VNXe2 VNXe3200

Don’t see your particular asset listed? Let us know - send us details like the make and model of the used EMC storage you’re selling, as well as a short description regarding its condition, and we’ll get back to you quickly.

Receive a free quote for used EMC storage now

If you have surplus used EMC storage, Clariion, DataDomain, VNX, or any other used network hardware, feel free to reach out - we’ll offer you fair prices and fast removal of your assets. 

Contact Datanox via phone at 1-833-DATA-DOA, email, or through our online quote request form. To speed up the process and get the most accurate information, send us a spreadsheet of the used equipment you need to liquidate - we’ll gladly take a look.