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Dataknox buys used HP ProLiant and other HP servers

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When it comes to the x86 server market, HP ProLiant is a name that’s been around for years - nay, decades. So, if you have an excess of used HP ProLiant and other HP servers just lying around with no real use and taking space, Dataknox will gladly buy it off your hands. 

We guarantee efficient, fast, and easy liquidation of your surplus equipment. We can help solve your storage problems with the fairest payment for purchased assets based on the current market trends, thus helping you recover some of the money from your initial investment.

Sell your used HP servers to us

We are interested in select makes of models of used HP ProLiant and related servers that include:

  • Blade


BL10e G2


BL20p G2

BL20p G3

BL20p G4


BL25p G2

BL280c G6

BL 2x220c G5

BL 2x220c G6

BL 2x220c G7






BL420c G8


BL460c G5

BL460c G6

BL460c G7

BL460c G8


BL465c G5

BL465c G6

BL465c G7

BL465c G8


BL490c G6

BL490c G7

BL495 G5

BL620c G7

BL660c G8

BL680c G5

BL680c G7


BL685c G5

BL685c G6

BL685c G7


SL160z G6

SL165s G7

SL165z G7

SL170s G6

SL230s Gen8

SL250s Gen8

SL335s G7

SL390s 4U G7

WS460c G6

WS460c G8

  • Chassis

BladeSystem p-Class enclosures

BladeSystem c-Class enclosures C3000

BladeSystem c-Class enclosures C7000

  • Server

DL100 G2

DL100 G4

DL100 G9


DL120 G5

DL120 G6

DL120 G7

DL120 G9


DL140 G2

DL140 G3


DL145 G2

DL145 G3

DL145 G6

DL160 G5

DL160 G6

DL160e G7

DL160 G8

DL160 G9

DL165 G3

DL165 G5

DL165 G6

DL165 G7

DL170h G6


DL180 G5

DL180 G6

DL180 G9


DL185 G2

DL185 G5

DL20 G9

DL2000 G5

DL2000 G7

DL2000 G9

DL320 G2

DL320 G3

DL320 G4

DL320 G5

DL320 G6

DL320e G8

DL360 G10

DL360 G2

DL360 G3

DL360 G4

DL360 G4p

DL360 G5

DL360 G6

DL360 G7

DL360 G9

DL360e G8

DL360p G8


DL365 G5

DL370 G2

DL370 G3

DL370 G4

DL370 G5

DL370 G6

DL370 G7

DL370 G8


DL380 G10

DL380 G2

DL380 G3

DL380 G4

DL380 G5

DL380 G6

DL380 G7

DL380 G8

DL380 G9


DL385 G10

DL385 G2

DL385 G5

DL385 G6

DL385 G7

DL385 G8


DL560 G10

DL560 G8

DL560 G9

DL580 G10

DL580 G2

DL580 G3

DL580 G4

DL580 G5

DL580 G7

DL580 G8

DL580 G9


DL585 G2

DL585 G5

DL585 G6

DL585 G7

DL590 G4

DL60 G6

DL60 G9


DL760 G2

DL785 G5

DL785 G6

DL80 G4

DL80 G6

DL80 G9

DL900 G9

DL980 G3

DL980 G7

DL985 G7

Micro server

Micro server G10

Micro server G8

ML10 G9

ML10 V2 G8


ML110 G2

ML110 G3

ML110 G4

ML110 G5

ML110 G6

ML110 G7

ML110 G8

ML110 G9

ML110 G10


ML115 G5

ML150 G2

ML150 G3

ML150 G5

ML150 G6

ML150 G9

ML30 G9


ML310 G2

ML310 G3

ML310 G4

ML310 G5

ML310 G6

ML310 G7

ML310e G8

ML310e G8 V2 

ML330 G2

ML330 G3

ML330 G6

ML350 G10

ML350 G2

ML350 G3

ML350 G4

ML350 G4p

ML350 G5

ML350 G6

ML350 G7

ML350 G8

ML350 G9

ML350e G8

ML350p G8

ML370 G2 (Compaq)

ML370 G3

ML370 G4

ML370 G5

ML370 G6

ML370 G7

ML370 G8

ML530 G2

ML570 G2

ML570 G3

ML570 G4

ML570 G5

ML570 G6

ML570 G7

ML570 G8




If you don’t see your particular HP server listed, fret not - simply send us details such as the make and model, along with a few words describing its condition, and we’ll get back to you momentarily.

It’s not only HP servers we’re interested in, though - we buy in bulk almost any brand of used IT equipment, whether it’s servers, switches, storage, or something else. Please check out our IT Asset Buyback page for more information on what we offer and the assets that are of interest to us.

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Our computer equipment liquidation experts are experienced and highly motivated to streamline the entire  process according to your needs.

Don’t settle for less - request a free quote for your used HP servers to get a fair appraisal of your surplus equipment. Contact Datanox by phone at 1-833-DATA-DOA, email, or via our online quote request form, and one of our experts will quickly contact you with a detailed response to your query. For a faster and more accurate quote, feel free to include a spreadsheet of used equipment you aim to sell.