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Dataknox will buy and resell your used AdTran equipment

Resell Hardware

Have any NetVanta or other AdTran equipment you no longer need and don’t know what to do with it?

Why waste your space holding on to unused hardware and miss out on a chance to turn it into a profit when you can sell it to us? Dataknox will be more than happy to purchase your surplus AdTran gear and turn them into added revenue for your business.

We take all makes and models

Here at Dataknox, we will tap into our rich network of third-party buyers and sell them your first-rate used hardware, including AdTran’s NetVanta, OPTI, ATLAS, Total Access series, and others through our efficient, fast, and easy liquidation services.

In other words - as soon as all sides accept the liquidation contract, you will receive your payment promptly. Piece of cake!

We’re interested in bulk-purchasing any AdTran gear you no longer use, such as:

  • E Series
  • M/C Series
  • MX Series
  • NetVanta
  • OPTI
  • Total Access
  • Total Reach

Don’t see the model of your AdTran equipment on the list? No worries - just reach out to us today with your inventory description and brand name(s) and we will provide you with a quote without delay.

Get a free quote

Providing the best possible liquidation services is what our assessment specialists excel in, relying on years of relevant experience and knowledge. With us, you can be confident that the entire process will be quick and customized to your needs, and that you will be fairly compensated.

So stop wasting your time, space, and chances for additional revenue - get in touch with us now and receive a free quote for your used AdTran NetVanta, Total Reach, ATLAS, OPTI, and other product families of AdTran hardware. Contact Datanox by phone at 1-833-DATA-DOA, email, or through our online quote request form

No matter how you reach out to us, you will get your free quote as soon as possible, along with any other required details. To expedite the process and get the most precise information, feel free to send us a spreadsheet of your used AdTran gear you need to get rid of.