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Dataknox will buy and resell your used SonicWall in bulk

Resell Hardware

Every business eventually outgrows its obsolete equipment that is no longer of any use. If you are left with a large surplus of various SonicWall components and models, you probably already know how difficult it is to find a liquidation firm that will purchase your entire stock.

They might take some of the models off you, leaving you to deal with the rest while it continues to take up your precious space. However, Dataknox doesn’t pick and choose like that.

We will take your entire inventory and liquidate it in one simple transaction, as we accept every single model and make of your second-hand SonicWall hardware. Best of all? We purchase it in bulk!

Increase your ROI by selling used SonicWall equipment

Keeping up with the evolving technological requirements of your business can be an expensive feat, especially considering how often you need to upgrade your hardware to uphold quality.

One way to offset these costs is to sell the SonicWall hardware you no longer use and get a return on an old investment that still has some value for someone else.

By tapping into our enormous network of third-party buyers, Dataknox can help you do this quickly and efficiently. We can easily narrow down the list of interested buyers for your used SonicWall gear and have that extra profit for you in no time.

Models include (but are not limited to):

  • TZ Series
  • TZ100
  • TZ170
  • TZ190
  • TZ200
  • TZ210
  • TZ205
  • TZ215
  • NSA Series
  • NSA 220
  • NSA 240
  • NSA 250M
  • NSA 2400
  • NSA 3500
  • NSA 4500
  • NSA E5500
  • NSA E6500
  • NSA E7500
  • NSA E8500
  • SRA Series
  • SRA 1200
  • SRA 4200
  • SRA EX6000
  • WXA Series
  • WXA 500
  • WXA 2000
  • WXA 4000
  • WXA 5000

Can’t see your specific SonicWall model on the list? Don’t worry, just send us the description of your inventory along with brand names, and we’ll get back to you with a quote promptly.

Get a free quote

Wait no longer - reach out to us today and our assessment experts will tailor the entire process of liquidating your old SonicWall equipment to your needs and expectations, with fair compensation.

You can contact Datanox via phone at 1-833-DATA-DOA, email, or through our online quote request form. To speed up the process and get the most accurate information, you can provide us with a spreadsheet of the used SonicWall equipment you need to liquidate.