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Dataknox will take your used F5 Networks equipment like Big-IP off your hands

Resell Hardware

Turn used BIG-IP, FirePass, and ARX hardware into profit

Have you recently upgraded your infrastructure and technologies and now you don’t know what to do with the leftover used F5 Networks equipment? Are products such as BIG-IP, FirePass, and ARX taking up space? Worry not, as your used hardware still has value on the secondary markets and Dataknox will turn it into profit for your business.

Dataknox knows where to find buyers for your used F5 Networks hardware

With the knowledge of the true market value of second-hand F5 Networks hardware, Dataknox has grown a large network of trusted buyers. This allows us to turn over your equipment quickly and effectively, with the best payouts in the industry. We will come to take your used hardware at your convenience - whenever and wherever works best for you.

Compared to most hardware liquidators, we don’t discriminate against specific makes and models of used F5 Networks, accepting all of the listed and more:

  • BIG-IP 1000
  • BIG-IP 1500
  • BIG-IP 2000
  • BIG-IP 2400
  • BIG-IP 3400
  • BIG-IP 3600
  • BIG-IP 5000
  • BIG-IP 5100
  • BIG-IP 6800
  • BIG-IP 6900
  • BIG-IP 8400
  • BIG-IP 8900
  • ARX Series (File Virtualization)
  • FirePass (SSL VPN)
  • WANJet (WAN Optimization)
  • Enterprise Manager (F5 Device Management)
  • Data Manager (File Virtualization)

Don’t see a specific model or make of your equipment on the list? Don’t hesitate to tell us! We’ll give you a quote for it - just provide us with your inventory description along with brand names.

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Our computer hardware liquidation experts have plenty of experience in what they do. They will tailor the entire process to the specific needs of your business and provide you with fair liquidation prices.

So don’t wait - ask for a free quote for your used F5 Networks hardware today and get the most value from them. Contact Datanox by phone at 1-833-DATA-DOA, email, or through our online quote request form

Regardless of how you reach out, one of our specialists will get in touch with you as soon as possible with a detailed and precise response to your query. To get your quote more quickly and accurately, you’re welcome to include a spreadsheet of the used F5 Networks equipment you want to liquidate.