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Design, Features, and Advantages of EMC Unity All-Flash Storage

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The EMC Unity Storage is the perfect choice for modern, straightforward data centers. EMC's latest all-flash product offers affordable storage for small and medium-sized IT departments. Now that Unity is part of EMC's all-flash storage array product line along with XtremIO, VMAX, and DSS, there is a solution for every data center use case, regardless of the customer's needs.


EMC Unity is a straightforward, easy-to-manage storage solution that easily integrates with the cloud, connects to the VMware and Microsoft ecosystems, and supports large storage workloads. Its easy-to-use, task-oriented HTML5 interface simplifies storage management, while the new Proactive AssistTM features give IT staff complete control over managing Unity storage systems.

When it comes to the midrange market, EMC Unity practically reinvents primary storage systems. Its sophisticated architecture offers full flash support, a wide range of data services, simplicity, and low cost - all packed in a 2U form factor. Data size optimization algorithms and high-density SSDs ensure maximum efficiency and affordability.

In terms of features, there are encryption, local and remote data management, specific timeframe snapshots, file and block storage, and the ability to extend connectivity with VMware, Microsoft, and OpenStack ecosystems.

The development of this module focused on maximizing performance for consistency and fast response times. The result is EMC Unity's best-in-class flash optimization with fully integrated software that maintains exceptional efficiency. It easily handles a wide range of applications and storage, along with Remote-Office-Branch-Office (ROBO) requirements.

IT professionals confront an increasingly growing problem in the face of ever-changing demands in their profession. The enormous increase in data processing has resulted in complicated IT budget management, particularly evident in the midmarket where IT staff are becoming generalists. Subsequently, they are dealing with servers, networks, mobile devices, PCs, virtualization, and storage - all of which are overwhelming. As such, these newly turned generalists need an easy-to-maintain platform that delivers the all-flash performance their applications require and users expect.

All in all, the EMC Unity all-flash product line sets new storage standards to meet the needs of IT professionals with limited resources in small to mid-sized organizations. Due to its appealing simplicity, modern design, incredible performance, flexible deployment options, and affordable price, you can’t really go wrong here.

Cutting-Edge Structure

The EMC Unity is three times faster than the previous generation VNX array and achieves up to 300,000 IOPS (input/output operations per second). Customers can count on it to deliver reliable all-flash performance and enterprise-ready features, including:

  • Authentic Dual-Active Controller Architecture
  • Support for files, blocks, and VVols
  • Configurable transaction-oriented database and traditional file systems
  • Remote synchronization/synchronous replication and snapshots
  • VMware VASA 2.0, VAAI, VVols, VMware-Aware Integration 
  • Local controller-dependent encryption
  • Scrap data collection without any impact
  • Full REST API for DevOps automation use cases
  • EMC iCDM Integrated Copy Data Management


Unity's design offers greater adaptability and deployment options than competing data storage solutions. This versatility means that the varying storage needs of different organizations are no longer a concern. EMC Unity can scale up to 3 petabytes (PB) and 300K IOPS. For mid-sized IT organizations, Unity is the first data storage option offered in the following unified configurations:

  • An all-flash array designed specifically for the flash data center. Deployment in a hybrid architecture is effortless as it easily handles specific business conditions.
  • As UnityVSATM, a software-defined virtual appliance that provides Unity's complex file and block storage, as well as data management capabilities.
  • As an added support for the 350 System VCE® VblockTM and VxBlockTM variants.


There is no question that data protection should be a fundamental and integral part of the design and implementation of all data storage environments. In this regard, the close interaction with EMC Data Domain and EMC Data Protection SuiteTM is at the forefront of why Unity guarantees uninterrupted and protected workloads.


Unity delivers outstanding unified storage density with a massive 80TB of all-flash storage in a compact 2U array. Its lower pricing outmatches the competition, enabling access to a new level of affordability in the third-party market for customers who need hybrid array deployment.

Key Characteristics

To better understand the benefits this class of flash storage offers, here is a brief overview of its key features:

  • Consolidating multiple workloads onto one storage solution is more cost-effective than purchasing separate drives for each task. Unity has a scalable architecture for large workloads that can scale up to 16 petabytes per corresponding capacity.
  • Dependable flash performance and low latency across a wide range of workload types.
  • Migrating entire databases and block workloads onto one storage solution streamlines operations and saves time.
  • Complete protection with Dell EMC data protection options.
  • The underlying technology is state of the art and has a proven track record in the industry.

EMC Unity Solutions From Certified Pre-Owned Sources

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