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Have Old Cisco Routers Lying Around? Sell them to Dataknox

Resell Hardware

Too many companies store and hold on to their old technology even if it’s no longer a part of their network architecture. 

However, you can opt for a better approach: 

one that not only frees up valuable storage but also gives you some extra revenue. We’re talking about selling your out-of-date technology to us.

Here at Dataknox, we offer top-tier liquidation services and waste no time in buying your obsolete Cisco routers. By contacting us, you’ll receive a return on your investment almost instantly!

Sell your Cisco routers in bulk

Dataknox will buy out-of-date IT equipment in bulk, at a fair market price. What particular type of routers are included, you ask? We cover almost all models such as (but not limited to):

  • WAN Routers

  • Cisco ASR Series Chassis & Modules
  • Cisco 12000 Series Chassis & Modules
  • Cisco 7600 Series Chassis & Modules
  • Cisco 6500 Series Chassis & Modules
  • Cisco 7304
  • Cisco 7301
  • Cisco 7201

  • Branch Routers

  • Cisco ISR4461
  • Cisco ISR4451
  • Cisco ISR4431
  • Cisco ISR4351
  • Cisco ISR4331
  • Cisco ISR4321
  • Cisco ISR4221
  • Cisco 1941
  • Cisco 1921
  • Cisco 2951
  • Cisco 2921
  • Cisco 2911
  • Cisco 2901
  • Cisco 3945
  • Cisco 3925

If the model you have is not listed above, feel free to send us the list of models you own and we’ll have an answer for you shortly!

Fast and easy disposal of old IT technology

Clutter-free storage space and an extra cash infusion without lifting a finger do sound amazing.

Dataknox is available around the clock, ready to take your obsolete Cisco Routers off your hands. Shoot us an email, call us, or fill out our form to receive a quote as fast as possible.

To speed up the entire process and receive your compensation faster, make sure to send us a spreadsheet that lists all Cisco routers you have.