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We Buy And Sell Used Arista Networks Equipment

Resell Hardware

Have Arista 7000 Series and up lying around? We’ll buy it!

We all know that the current economic climate leaves no one untouched - and we understand the financial burden that handling and storing obsolete technology places on you. Maybe we can help - Dataknox buys used Arista Networks equipment and helps you lower your overall investment costs

We are here to take your complete used Arista Networks inventory off your hands.

Here’s how it works: we make arrangements to sell all of your surplus hardware, and best of all, pay some of the industry's highest prices. Not only do you get a portion of your investment back, but you also solve your obsolete hardware storage problems.

We have a developed network of buyers interested in purchasing used Arista Networks equipment

We deal with a large number of buyers on the secondary market who are interested in purchasing used equipment every day. Our extensive buyer network enables us to make consistent, above-average price offers on any excess IT hardware, including Arista Networks hardware.

Dataknox disposes of your obsolete technology in a timely and convenient manner. Our equipment liquidation specialists will organize the transfer at the most convenient time for you and your company.

Many computer component liquidators limit interest in individual components. We are different: Dataknox accepts all types and models of used Arista Networks hardware without restriction, including: 

7000 Series

  • DCS-7010T-48
  • DCS-7020TR-48
  • DCS-7048T-A
  • DCS-7050Q-16
  • DCS-7050S-52, DCS-7050S-64
  • DCS-7050T-36, DCS-7050T-52, DCS-7050T-64
  • DCS-7050SX-64, DCS-7050XS-72, DCS-7050SX-72Q, DCS-7050SX-96, DCS-7050SX-128
  • DCS-7050TX-48, DCS-7050TX-64, DCS-7050TX-72, DCS-7050TX-72Q, DCS-7050TX-96, DCS-7050TX-128
  • DCS-7050QX-32, DCS-7050QX-32S, DCS-7050QX2-32S
  • DCS-7060CX2-32S, DCS-7060CX-32S, DCS-7260QX-64, DCS-7260CX-64, 7260CX3-64, 7060PX4-32, 7060DX4-32

7100 Series

  • DCS-7124S, DCS-7124SX, DCS-7148S, DCS-7148SX
  • DCS-7150S-24, DCS-7150S-52, DCS-7150S-64, 7150SC-24, 7150SC-64
  • DCS-7160-32CQ, DCS-7160-48YC6, 7160-48TC6
  • DCS-7170-64C, DCS-7170-32C

7200 Series

  • DCS-7250QX-64, DCS-7260QX-64, DCS-7260CX-64, DCS-7280R3

7300 Series

  • 7304, 7304X3, 7308, 7308X3, 7316, 7324X, 7328X

7500 Series

  • 7504, 7504R3, 7508, 7508R3, 7512, 7512R3

7800 Series

  • 7804R3, 7808R3

Don’t see your inventory listed above? No problem - feel free to contact us with your inventory list, including model numbers and their names, and we’ll provide you with an accurate quote.

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If you want to sell your used Arista Networks hardware, contact us for a reliable, fast, and straightforward service. 

You'll get a fair valuation of your surplus IT assets and hassle-free removal. Receive an immediate response from one of our valuation experts via our toll-free number, e-mail, or by filling out a short form. As a bonus, you can attach a spreadsheet with the inventory you want to get rid of to speed up the process.