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Optimize Your Digital Infrastructure with Dataknox

AI Hardware Rental, Third-Party Maintenance, Asset Disposition, Cloud Services, and More. We are Your One-Stop Tech Solution provider

AI Hardware Rental

Whether you're looking for the H100, L40's, Intel Gaudi 2, or AMD MI300, we've got the perfect hardware to match your specific computational needs.

Our AI hardware rental program provides businesses with a flexible and affordable way to access the latest AI hardware. Our program is designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises.

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Asset Lifecycle Chart

Third-Party Maintenance Services

When your IT equipment reaches the end of its warranty, you may be wondering what your options are for maintaining it. You could continue to pay high OEM maintenance fees, but this can add up over time.

Alternatively, you could switch to a reliable third-party maintenance solution such as Dataknox.

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Dataknox IT Asset Management

IT Asset Disposition

Maximize the value of your retired IT assets while ensuring the protection of sensitive data and the environment with Dataknox's comprehensive IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services. We offer expert asset inventory, secure data destruction, hardware buyback, reverse logistics, and environmental recycling solutions tailored to your specific needs.

You can book a free consultation today with our Engineering team.

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Dataknox Cloud Migration - You can now migrate your data to cloud using Dataknox solution

Cloud Services

Are you looking at moving your infrastructure into the cloud? We have a team of experts ready to help you seamlessly migrate to the cloud, optimize your infrastructure, develop cloud-native applications, and implement robust security measures. Leverage our expertise and partnerships with leading cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and GCP to propel your business forward.

Ready to transform your business? Explore our Cloud Service offerings to take the next step

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Specialized IT Infrastructure for AI Applications

Explore our dedicated AI GPU and Server Solutions tailored for Machine Learning and Complex Data Workloads.


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Dive into the realm of high-efficiency computing with our AI GPU servers, optimized for tasks that demand high parallel processing capabilities such as deep learning and predictive analytics.

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AI Servers

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Power your AI initiatives with servers engineered for artificial intelligence. Experience superior performance, reliability, and scalability that keeps you ahead of the curve.

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Evidenced Based Stats

55,000 Assets

Processed each month

3,000 devices

Redeployed each month

99.7% on time


31 Locations

Around the world

2,000,000 Pounds

of E-waste diverted from landfill

10,000 HDD

Shredded each month

Welcome to the Base Camp Portal

Take control of your IT asset disposal with Dataknox's Asset Management Portal. Our intuitive portal gives you the visibility and control you need to manage your IT assets throughout their lifecycle, from procurement to disposal.

Track the location and status of all your IT assets
Generate reports on asset usage and depreciation
Create and manage disposal requests
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Certification & Compliance

Fully certified and audit security is in our DNA.

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

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What makes Dataknox GPU servers ideal for AI tasks?


What are the benefits of AI hardware rental from Dataknox?


Renting AI hardware from Dataknox offers flexibility and cost savings, especially for short-term projects or when needing to scale up operations temporarily. It allows you to access the latest technology without a substantial capital expenditure, with maintenance and upgrades handled by our team.

How does Dataknox facilitate a smooth transition to cloud services?


Dataknox streamlines your migration to the cloud with a comprehensive, step-by-step approach designed to minimize downtime and ensure business continuity. Our experts work closely with your team to assess your current infrastructure, plan the migration strategy, and execute the move with precision. We prioritize data integrity and security throughout the transition, providing support for seamless integration with your existing workflows.

Post-migration, Dataknox continues to offer support and optimization services to ensure you fully leverage the cloud's scalability and efficiency.

What does Third-Party Maintenance involve and why should I consider it?


Our Third-Party Maintenance service offers a comprehensive alternative to OEM services at a competitive price point. It includes proactive support, hardware repair, and replacement, ensuring that your systems run smoothly with minimal downtime.

This service extends the life of your IT assets and maximizes your investment.

What is IT Asset Disposition and how does Dataknox handle it?


IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) from Dataknox involves the secure and environmentally responsible disposal or repurposing of outdated IT equipment. We ensure data is irretrievably destroyed and hardware is recycled or refurbished in compliance with all regulatory standards, reducing environmental impact and potential liability.


Our team of experts are available and ready to assist you with any inquiries and offer customized 3-5 year financing options that align with your budget and goals.

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